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Cigar Cellar and Lounge

Cigar Cellar and Lounge is nestled behind George's restaurant and Sports Grill on Sunset drive in South Miami. A great place to pick up some some excellent quality cigars and enjoy them in our lounge area. You could easily just pick up a couple of cigars and walk out the door but you would be missing out on a great experience. One of the draws to Cigar Cellar is the environment that the founder, Rhea, creates. Her hospitality is unparalleled, she makes you feel like a guest in her home rather than just a cigar shop. Our seating areas are perfect to just sit back and relax or to entertain a group of friends. You can catch the game on one of the large screen TV's or join in on a game of dominoes. We also have a good variety of cigar events with specials to help you stock up your humidor. Find and follow us on Facebook, so you that you can keep up to date with our current events.